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I somehow accidentally sold or deleted my blaster pistol when trying to upgrade in a shop on Ord Mantell. I have 38 credits left. How do I get more cash/buy weapons? My current missions all require a weapon to complete? I am a n00b in perpetuity. Thanks.
If you don't still have the blaster listed in the "buy back" tab, here's a couple of options:

1: You can sell some of your other equipment to buy a crummy weapon.
2: You can use some of your non-weapon skills to try to get through the content until you get another weapon (Hit P, look through your skills and see what says "tech" or "melee" instead of "ranged")
3: You can beg for help Lots of folks will gladly give a low-level gun to a newbie who lost his. If you are on Shien, let me know your char name and I'll hook you up when I get home.
4: You can delete and reroll your character, or create an alt and use it to supply this one with credits Your level is low enough, it shouldn't be hard to repeat the content.
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