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[QUOTE=verfallen;9266839]FOTM is FOTM. Next balance patch might turn everything over, or not.

Tbh, I very much doubt a new player has needs for the extra "ommph" another class bring to be competitive in harder HMs and NiM raid *snip

Ok you failed to read the 1st sentence of my post, so I will post it again and underline it.

This is a warning to new players that would make the mistake of rolling this class as DPS with the expectation of playing end game content.

Also your basically saying: yeah sure the class sucks...but you can still do a few things and that's ok.

I'm here to warn new DPS SAGES/SORCS that it's going to be a MAJOR uphill battle until there are changes to the class.

Don't sit here and try to rationalize that this class is still viable for serious endgame or ranked pvp cause you are just making yourself look silly.

Here is a link to the top 50 on Harbinger server on parsly:
You will see that there are 0 sorcs on that list. In fact to find a sorc you would have to dig down to around 500 parses before even finding one.

Be careful that you do research before trying to "FANBOY" this class as viable.
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