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I hope not. I thought the story was great, but just in case, this is a screenshot a friend passed on to me, where someone asked Eric if it's ok to do the sexxxy violent stuff in the Fanfic forum. I consider this a get out of jail free card...but I guess it just depends on what is done. I think it should be fine, the language was tastefully laid out and not crude, I think that's key.
*Jack Sparrow voice* That's very interesting. Especially considering certain ideas I have rattling around in my mind in regards to my Shadow, and it's nice to know that I wouldn't be accidentally banning myself over even implied things. Of course, that notion of tastefulness is indeed pretty important. I imagine if necessary, (not that I personally would on the TOR forums) one could be theoretically pretty explicit in imagery; it all depends on the words used.

Or perhaps should I say relevance? I can imagine the Community team, given two equally steamy stories, dropping the hammer on the one wherein the sexual content is obviously gratuitous and adds nothing to the narrative, while leaving the other alone because it fits within the story and is well done. Not that anyone here would write a story like the former.

Note that in no way am I knocking Feldraeth's story. I thought it was very well done! And the sex was written hilariously accurately: two idiot kids fooling around who can't even undress each other properly.

Also, I'm stealing that image, because I'm a pirate. (Literally. Yarrr!)
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