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02.04.2013 , 10:30 AM | #1018
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IMO, I think the best alternatives Bioware can give us is this:

- All channeled attacks are immune to interrupts, that means Powershot, Tracer Missile & Unload.


- Give us Flame Burst / Ion Pulse and allow us to have Rail Shot being reseted by it and Rocket Punch.

One idea I have is to give pyro mercs a permanent movement speed buff, I was thinking that since I'm constantly on the move and I use rapid shots most of the time after the usual IM/TD/RS, that would make us a more hit & run style, completely the opposite of turret mode of Arsenal & Snipers.

I recently lvl another BH past 10 and went on fleet to pick my advanced class and I kinda felt sad when listening to those 2 boyos trying to explain me how tinies dual wielding guns mercs are so top dps while fat heavy PTs are so tanky... how misleading Bioware, how misleading.

EDIT: Also after 1000 posts, look at the time that passed since the first post ( 10.29.2012 , 03:53 AM | #1 ) and today... GOOD JOB PVP DEV TEAM.
That seems entirely reasonable and an effective way to get this class back into the WZ's. Sadly, since this first post was made up until now I see so few merc/commandos compared to the smash classes.