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-Atris robes.
Its a very beautiful detailed jedi robe. The ragnos robe showed they can do long flowing sleeves so they can do this outfit.

-Scarf headgear.
A scarf that covers the mouth and nose.

-Torn jedi robes.
Let's see some robes that have seen action.

-Darth Bandon armor.
Has been requested many times before, so I'll request it again untill it gets added.

-More civilian clothes.
Normal civilian clothes as often seen in the movies. Nothing special. Just stuff that Han Solo, bar patrons, tatooine civilians, etc. would wear.

-Wider pants.
Why are they all skin tight? give us some variation.

-Darth Maul style sith robes.
These robes are very generic and I wouldnt link them to maul instantly. Other games have shown sith wearing similar robes.

-Palpatine style sith robe.
Again very generic black robe seen on many sith lords. Why not have such a robe in the game? The ragnos robe was a good start but was ruined by some ugly attachements and a weird collar.

-More leather and padded armors.
The original trilogy shows a lot of padded and leather armors, aside from the storm troopers plate armors seem barely existant. Yet in this game pretty much all armor is plate armor. Give us some lighter looking stuff as well please.
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