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05.01.2019 , 10:31 AM | #15
I'd like to be able to have the option to either focus more on DoT or burst if I don't want to do both. With the amount of abilities increasing, it's going to get more difficult with hitting buttons.

To make the DoT better, I think it'd be useful for Plasmatize and IR to either do more damage, and/or affect more targets. Plasmatize can go out as three plasma flame drones, and IR could be an AoE (like it used to be) and then "chain out" to a few beyond that that are close by. Add to that that Flak Shell causes a bleed effect. Burning and bleeding should increase the damage of each other (though not by much), and burning targets take more damage.

Burst would focus more on SS, HIB, PB, IP. HIB has no restrictions, SS still procs HIB crit, HIB should proc PB. It would be cool if PB could do a small AoE (really small). Maybe IP does a chain of up to 2 other close targets. Both of those having a distance of no more than 2m max. Much more single target with small AoE.

Now, I've been giving thought to how to make it so that this AC could be more useful with these options in boss fights that are more ranged friendly. Have those be set bonuses, and a tactical item that increases range to 30m. Of course, all of this can be mixed together too.
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