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01.07.2012 , 05:12 PM | #24
Favourite is Vette by far. I play a light-side Sith and she just fills the story nicely and adds a nice spice to it. Makes sense for me! Also Twi'leks are just awesome
When I first started my warr, I didn't even think about romancing a character, but I really ended up liking her.
I mean she is so worth it. I like that she warms up a lil later, because it makes it more realistic. She is such a sweetheart really. Love her sense of humour.
My Jugg is lvl 41 and happily married. I really rushed the whole romance because I wanted to see it ASAP. I just wish they would add more content.. Truly hoping so!

Also got a really cute letter from her, in it she told me that she hadn't yet told me her dres size if I ever wanted to buy her anything.

Vette ftw!