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06.21.2017 , 05:04 AM | #988
There's also /cjoin "allies" I've seen many people using that to find groups, including OPs groups, heck even last week I did my first ever OPs. I don't really see the appeal in them, personally, but I understand why people like them. I prefer FPs myself, they're much shorter so I don't need to play for hours on end.

I've only just learned about the allies group, though, on this very forum, but I can't remember who mentioned it. There should also be a channel just for guild advertisements, now that would be awesome, and guilds won't need to feel up the chat. I don't mind guild advertisements personally, but I've seen people getting annoyed about it in gen-chat on the fleet.

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Time is money and for the space bar thing most people can go do a solo mode FP and view all the videos they want but sometimes in group content watching all the videos can actually be rude to the other players that's why I always suggest to watch it in solo mode or youtube in your own time.
Yeah, I usually ask whether "we're watching or skipping'. Personally, I don't care if people watch, it just makes it a nice and relaxing run, but it's my hope that I'll make the "SB" crowd look like the impatient D. that they are.