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After reading pages of swarm posts I just need to do a little summary of the role player types just so I understand....


Infrequently participate in Operations, Flashpoints, PVP, GSF, & Events (maybe)
View people LFG on fleet as deplorable spammers
Prefer empty planets or their strongholds/guildships in which to conduct their role playing
Avoid Fleet at all costs
Have a die hard group of best friend guildies who have played faithfully since launch

Seems like this demographic of player is juxtaposed to a successful or healthy MMO in a traditional sense. As I've analogized before nobody wants to eat in an empty restaurant versus a full one and yet they immediately replied and backed each other up that they love empty restaurants. Funny thing is those restaurants that sit empty month after month go out of business.

My theory is that if they boiled 17 servers down to around 5 the game would be healthier & more MMO type players would return to the game because they can do group PVE/PVP and the RP'ers would still be here.
You are totally wrong.

My guild is a roleplay guild on Ebon Hawk but yet we constantly participate in Flashpoints, Operations and PVP. We just group up with each other because we know each other and know what each of us can do. You are making these stupid comments about something you have no knowledge. I do hope that people don't believe what you have spouted off on.

Just because roleplayers are smart enough to group up with their guild and/or friends doesn't mean they don't do group content. We do it just because we know who we are grouping up with.

Furthermore, if doing group pickups means we have to group up with someone like you, NO THANKS I think I pass and stay with the group I know and trust instead of someone like you.

To other: Sorry for my temper but people like this make me angry!
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