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It still happens in most guilds. We maintain a guild bank full of Aug kits and Augs as well as other mods. Crafters in the guild are willing to craft gear for anyone who needs it (even the stuff that needs special components). HM content has moved almost exclusively into the realm of guilds. I am personally in 3 guilds with multiple toons in each and we routinely do story mode OPs for training and HM OPs for gear. We almost never use people out of Group Finder to fill out OPs teams. We instead go to associated guilds for additional members. The reason for this was that we had several bad experiences with people out of group finder (not the ones that were ill equipped or new to them - who are usually more than willing to learn) but the ones for who "time is money" (Similar to the "SPACEBAR" crowd in FPs). There is a lot of group activity going on in guilds that is not readily apparent to people using LFG and Groupfinder.
Time is money and for the space bar thing most people can go do a solo mode FP and view all the videos they want but sometimes in group content watching all the videos can actually be rude to the other players that's why I always suggest to watch it in solo mode or youtube in your own time.
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