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I don't care about anything else you wrote, but this set me off...I expressed MY opinion. MINE! Not yours, MINE. You are free to speak for yourself. I don't type for anyone but myself. IN MY OPINION, decos are the least important part of any merger. I don't care if NONE's that much of a non-issue to ME. If you can express how important to YOU they are, allow me to express how little I care about them. My strongholds are literally decorated with Meat Trees...that's how little decorating matters to me.

I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm simply saying I don't care about decorations. 99% of them CAN be replaced, the people leaving because the servers are dead, can't be. Dead servers are a cancer, decos are cosmetic.

However...realizing that they are an issue to people like you, I'm perfectly fine with Bioware trying to figure out a way to move most, if not all of them, for people (as I said above).
Again, the point I am trying to make is just because something is not important to one person, does not mean it's not important to other people, or that it doesn't matter. There's a big difference between saying "Decorating doesn't matter to me personally," and "Decorations don't matter on the subject of server merges," okay?
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