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I agree that a "Mandalorian" title should definitely be added to the game. In the Sith Warrior story (SPOILER ALERT) you are officially recognized as "The Emperor's Wrath" by the Dark Council, at the end of Chapter 3, which I thought was kewl as Hell! But alas, no title. Come the end of "The Shadow of Revan" expansion and lo-and-behold we got "The Empire's Wrath". Not the exact same but close enough and it made sense considering the story line in the expansions and the Emperor's story itself.
Sith Warrior *is* the Emperor's Wrath, but doesn't get the title, but he does get "Darth" when he isn't one.

And "Empire's Wrath", despite the superficial similarity to "Emperor's Wrath", is very, very different. Sort of like how Napoleon Bonaparte was Emperor of the French and not Emperor of France. Sounds sort of the same, but if you're promoting yourself to be in charge of the French immediately after they had a revolution where they shortened(1) the King (of France), saying that you are the Emperor (a sort of over-king or "king of kings"') of *France* is a really bad move.

The Emperor's Wrath is the embodiment of the Emperor's power and authority, while being named Empire's Wrath declares you to be the embodiment of the Empire's power (with authority resting with the Dark Council), and specifically denies that the Emperor *has* power and authority.
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Being called a "Mandalorian" by everyone including Darth Marr is really kewl
meh (even though I've always taken that option)

I'd also note that being called a "Mandalorian" is a bit depersonalising. I'm not sufficiently interesting to be called something that's *mine*, so they call me by the name of the rather large group I'm a member of.
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so I don't see why they haven't given us the title. The whole reason I'm here is because I searched the net to find out if I get a "Mandalorian" title during the expansions. I have 3 BH's currently although none that have gotten beyond "The Shadow of Revan" hence my inquiry and coming here although I am working my most recent BH up there right now (lvl 54 currently, just finished "The False Emperor", heading into "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" now).

Consider me /signed and /requesting the "Mandalorian" or "Mandalore" title with all the other people in this thread.
Not *all* the other people in this thread. My view on it is "meh". I'm not saying, "no, of course it shouldn't be there," mind you. I'm just objecting to being included in the generalised enthusiasm. Note that two of my BHes won't wear any title but "Baroness", while the other (a bloke) doesn't wear a title at all.

(1) Beheaded / guillotined. Ref: The first part of Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert Heinlein.
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