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Bonus Step:

Set your affairs in order.

The technician pulled the memory core out of her friend and held it under a lamp, peering at it through a lens. Ariadne waited anxiously. She shifted nervously in her seat as she looked around the shop. It was filled with various droid parts and droids themselves in various states of repair.

“Well?” She snapped.

“Still good.” He grunted. Ariadne breathed a sigh of relief. “‘Is chassis is completely fried, though. You’re lucky this much survived.” He scratched his beard as he spoke. “I can put the core in a new chassis but it might take a while if he’s an older model.”

“I don’t have time for that, I’m afraid, I need to get going.” Ariadne stood and took the memory core from him. She pulled a credit chip out of her pocket and handed it to him.

Ariadne stepped out of the shop with SD-550’s memory core in her hand, the wind whipping around her as she breathed in the smoggy city air. She took in the city lights and Coruscant’s cityscape that seemed to stretch on forever, aware she’d probably never come back. There were memories here that ran as deep as the under-levels, but sometimes memories were best left forgotten.

“Come on, old friend.” She whispered to the core as she slipped it in her pocket, making her way to the spaceport.

“Let’s see where this road takes us.”