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(( This has been a labor of love that's undergone numerous title changes and story revisions, and now IT'S FINALLY DONE! I hope you enjoy.

Oh and before I forget; Ariadne is running around on Lord Ardaas (US) under the name Ariane if anyone wants to say hello. ))

Step One:

Inadvertently Make the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic Angry

The wind whipped around Ariadne as she stood in the shadow of a building in the Senate District, a mask shielding her face from most of the gust. SD-550 stood next to her, though the assassin droid’s attention was elsewhere as it watched their target. They were both dressed in dark greens and greys, which hid them much better than plain black ever could.

The mark was aware she was a target due to a botched attempt by a different assassin, so they were being even more cautious than usual. Ariadne glanced to SD-550. “Well?”

The assassin droid paused a moment, whirring softly. “Target is sleeping in windowed room.” It clicked. “Security cameras and guards undetected inside room.”

“Wait… Seriously?”

“That would appear to be the case.” The droid whirred.

“It has to be a trap.” Ariadne said, removing her blaster-rifle from its case and readying it.

“Probable. However, I cannot detect it.”

Ariadne grunted unhappily, looking through the scope. “Send in a probot. I have a bad feeling about this one.”

The two waited until the probe droid had floated over, hovering outside the window. Ariadne took her time setting up the shot as SD-550 processed the information. “It cannot detect anything either. You are welcome to proceed.”

Ariadne examined the mark. She was a politician and, currently, sleeping soundly in an expensive looking room with the blinds half shut, the lights from passing speeders and neon signs illuminating the inside. The mark looked very peaceful in her nicely lit bedroom. Ariadne almost felt bad for ruining her night. Dumb-***.

The assassin squeezed the trigger.

“You missed.” The droid observed glumly.

“Yes, I know I kriffing missed!” Ariadne snapped. The window had cracked where the bolt had gone through it, and she’d managed to take out a lamp, the remains smoldering out of sight. The mark was definitely awake now.

“Two human males have joined the mark.” SD-550 said as Ariadne tired to pin down the mark to take another shot. It was too late, though. She was already out of the room. “Oh, look. They’ve spotted the probe.”

Ariadne shut her rifle in its case. “Time to go.”

They hopped into the airspeeder, SD-550 taking the wheel. Ariadne looked up just in time to see one of the guards jump out of the window and grab onto the probe droid in a moment of what Ariadne could only assume was temporary insanity. She watched as the probe droid struggled to hold the human aloft. “You didn’t call the probot back?”

SD-550 followed her gaze. “I considered it expendable.” It whirred, sounding vaguely annoyed.

The pair did not stop to watch the spectacle. SD-550 gunned the engine and within a few moments they were off, rejoining one of the lower skylanes. Ariadne directed the probe in the opposite direction. “Think we can still salvage this tonight?” She asked.

“It is probable. Security is not very tight. Ordinarily that would have been one of our smoother jobs.” It glanced at her.

Ariande flipped it the bird, though she had a feeling the gesture was lost on the droid as it steered the airspeeder back around. They pulled right up under the broken window. Ariadne tossed a stun grenade in and was rewarded with the sound of a body hitting the floor.

“Back in a flash.” Ariadne said as she climbed past SD-550 and into the building. She could have sworn the droid whirred something along the lines of ‘don’t miss’, but she couldn’t be certain.

Ariadne stepped over the body of the one guard that had been stationed at the broken window and slunk further into the building, drawing her pistol and unsnapping the safety catch. She opened the door and stepped from the darkness of the bedroom into a hallway. Following it, she soon came to a living room of some sort.

Staying out of sight, Ariadne listened. She could hear the sound of the politician speaking in a shaken tone. Drawing another stun grenade, she tossed it in. Then all she heard was silence.

Ariadne walked inside the room, shot the unconscious politician in the head with her blaster, checked her pulse to make sure the deed was done, and then walked out. It had taken three minutes at the most.

SD-550 was waiting for her when she hopped back into the airspeeder. “Done?” It clicked.


The roof of the airspeeder closed over them—and just in time, apparently. Ariadne grunted in surprise as something landed on the speeder, which wobbled at the impact. SD-550 hit the accelerator as Ariadne looked up to see one of the guards almost slide off. It was a different one, but apparently possessing the same amount of crazy.

“You would think the mark being dead would dissuade them.” SD-550 said calmly. “I advise you to hang on to something.”

Ariadne gripped the handle on the airspeeder door tightly with one hand, her pistol in the other as SD-550 suddenly stopped, the guard only barely managing to hang on. The droid let out a metallic sigh. “While I doubt we would be pulled over down here, I will refrain from future daring heroics to avoid attracting any more authoritative attention.”

Then a lightsaber plunged through the middle of the airspeeder. Ariadne screamed and SD-550 hissed as the blade hit it in the shoulder with a flash of sparks. The speeder swerved and then crashed into a street, the guard- and apparent Jedi- slaming into the ground few feet away, seemingly unconscious.

Ariadne sat there for a moment as the silence settled. Her leg hurt but nothing felt broken. Stuffing the panicky, hyperventilating feeling away, she glanced over at her droid. Only then she realized how quiet it was. “Sid?” She said softly. “Sid?”

She cringed as the droid made a series of jarring clicking noises, the lights behind its optics blinking on. “Systems functional.” It whirred, making to stand. Its arm did not move with it. SD-550 stared down at the severed limb for a moment. “Correction: Right arm non-functional.”

Ariadne grabbed the arm. It was heavier than it looked. “Come on. We have to get out of here before that Jedi wakes up.” She tried to stand and her world flashed white. She leaned against the airspeeder, dropping SD-550’s arm on the seat as she tried not to puke.

SD-550 eyed her but she waved him away, grabbing his arm and slinging it over her shoulder. The droid let her lean against it as they limped along. “Plan?” It whirred.
“Do not engage Jedi. Coordinates?”

The droid rattled off their location.

“We’re not far from Nadhira’s place. We’ll- ungh-“ Her vision blackened around the edges. Ariadne felt blood running down her leg. She swore softly. “We’ll make it up from there.”

The White Spade was big and flashy, an arched entrance with a white neon sign in the shape of a spade flashing up top. There was only a bruiser standing outside—the crowds had already made their way inside for the evening.

Ariande thought she and SD-550 made for a ridiculous sight- the droid had its remaining arm wrapped around her, holding her up as she held its severed arm while blood freely flowed down her leg- but the bruiser barely blinked once she tossed him a credit chip. “Guy coming in. Black hair, youngish. He’ll say he’s looking for someone. Don’t let him in.”

The bruiser merely nodded and Ariadne sighed in relief. That would buy them some time. Ariadne glanced over her shoulder as they walked into the club, her insides going cold as she saw the Jedi standing outside some distance away. And then he was joined by a second figure.

“Oh, sure. Now he waits.” Ariadne hissed.

“I have found that organics are consistently unpredictable.”

She grunted. “How much you want to bet that other one is a Jedi, too?”

The droid was silent for a moment. “Gambling is not included in my programming.”

“Ha. Ha.”

SD-550 gently pulled her over into a private booth and pulled the thick curtain across the booth’s doorway, muffling most of the sounds. Ariadne leaned back and tried not to pass out. Sitting up a bit straighter, she pulled the dark synthetic fabric away from the wound. A piece of the speeder had dislodged in the crash and gone into her leg.

SD-550 whirred softly as it looked the wound over. “I am not a surgery droid, but I am programmed in basic first aid.”

“Do what you can, Sid.” Ariadne murmured. She was tired. And thirsty, which was ironic considering where they were.

The droid nodded. “I require you to remove your lower armor.”

Ariadne grunted and began pulling her pants off, mindful of the piece of shrapnel in her leg. She hissed in pain when the metal caught in the fabric and SD-550 had to cut part of her pants anyways. She was just setting them aside when the curtain was brushed aside, a small figure appearing in the doorway. “... We have rooms in the back for this sort of thing, you know.”

“Yes, because shrapnel in the leg is terribly romantic.” Ariadne said through gritted teeth.

Nadhira gave the tiniest of shrugs as she stepped fully into the booth, her hands behind her back. Despite her petite figure, Ariadne felt her pulse quickening. “I know a few people who are into that sort of thing.” Nadhira murmured, examining the far wall—glass, with a built in holo-display that projected various shades of blue and purple across it. “You never know.”

Ariadne grunted, unable to think of a witty retort as SD-550 disinfected the wound. “What do you want, Nadhira?”

“How much did you trash this time?”

Ariadne and SD-550 both briefly paused in embarrassed silence.

“… I believe the final count would be the contents of two interior rooms, one airspeeder, and one street corner, the former taken out by the latter.” The droid finally said.

Nadhira smirked and peeked out of the curtain at her nightclub. “Your Jedi friend seems to be enjoying a drink at the bar, too.”

“He wha-?” Ariadne held her leg with both hand as SD-550 moved to pull the piece of metal out of her leg. Pain overloaded her senses for a moment as she squeezed her leg tighter, trying to stem some of the blood flowing out. “I p-paid the bruiser not to let him in.”

“You didn’t pay him enough to keep out a Jedi, much less two.” She took her time eyeing Ariadne up and down. “... Quite frankly, I doubt that you have that much on your person.”

Nadhira let the curtain fall back as SD-550 bandaged Ariadne’s wound. “But I have an idea. A mutually beneficial one, shall we say, as thanks for all your... Hard work.” One of Nadhira’s eyebrows raised as she glanced back to Ariadne’s ravaged leg.

“What is it, Nadhira?” Ariadne managed as SD-550 gave her a stim to help with the bloodloss.

“I will allow you to use the back door for a quiet exit.” She paused, meeting Ariadne’s gaze very pointedly. “Remember that the next time I call.”

Ariadne gritted her teeth as she pulled her pants back on. “I’m in your debt.”

She smiled in a way that made Ariadne’s skin crawl. “Take care not to forget that fact.” With as much ceremony as she’d arrived, Nadhira turned and left.

“According to my calculations, that went well.”

Ariadne grunted as she slipped her boots back on.

“Of course,” The droid whirred thoughtfully, “It could have gone a lot better.”

With Ariadne not actively bleeding out, she tied SD-550’s arm to the rest of it and fixed it a sort of sling. “It’ll have to do for now, let’s just get out of here.”

SD-550 stepped out from behind the curtains, Ariadne behind it. “I see one of our followers at the bar.” It droned quietly. “Engage?”

“No. Too risky. I doubt we’d be a match for a Jedi at our best, kriffin’ force users.”

Quietly, the two slipped out of the back door and into the night. If the Jedi were watching the front door, they’d be sorely disappointed. Ariadne got a grim sort of satisfaction of the two returning to find the mark dead.

Exhausted and wounded, the two headed off into the night to report their success.