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No i wasn't drunk. Because SW:TOR had so many bugs when the game came out (Many that are still not fixed) my computer kept shutting down randomly and because of this destoryed my computer. So I let my friend play my account and try it out while I was waiting (this was during early access mind you and up until a few days ago)

Anyway, so my friend created a bunch of characters while I had 2, he asked me to delete the characters from my account so he could use the names on his account. I happily abliged, wasn't paying attention and instead of deleting is jedi knight "Kuma" I deleted my Jedi Knight "Lacey"

The good news is the character was only level 15, so that's not so hard to get back to. Just some time and effort.
do i really read this .... you write in a post on the swtor forums that you did on "account sharing" !!
i call that your second mistake, first mistake you deleting wrong character! and only lv15 djeez man takes like 1day to reroll that, i'v deleted like 5 chars cus i hated the play style of an advancedclass. i usually delete lv18-19 chars. anyways sucks for you but pro tip, next time don't make up a story that can harm all your chars/account, you almost lost all.
then again might still happen... confused anyway hope not for your sake.
Bioware don't ban his account, was an honest mistake of him ... "i bet".

Ps: i'm not that friend from his story