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12.31.2011 , 05:10 PM | #6
No i wasn't drunk. Because SW:TOR had so many bugs when the game came out (Many that are still not fixed) my computer kept shutting down randomly and because of this destoryed my computer. So I let my friend play my account and try it out while I was waiting (this was during early access mind you and up until a few days ago)

Anyway, so my friend created a bunch of characters while I had 2, he asked me to delete the characters from my account so he could use the names on his account. I happily abliged, wasn't paying attention and instead of deleting is jedi knight "Kuma" I deleted my Jedi Knight "Lacey"

The good news is the character was only level 15, so that's not so hard to get back to. Just some time and effort.