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Alright, resetting the mission will fix the issue. It will send you back to the first quest hub in the bonus series where you will only have to talk to the NPC 2 or 3 times. Then she will send you after the five med packs, which is the only mission you will have to repeat. Once you complete that you will talk to the next guy 2 times before he will forward you to Cpt. Vakar. Speak to him a couple of times and that completes the bonus series. You are then sent back to house Organa where you will get a pretty nice quest reward.

Make sure to select "Reset" and not "Abort". I aborted this mission once before and couldn't figure out where to pick it back up. I think someone earlier mentioned that you just have to speak to Major Brom in house Organa if you did already abort the mission.

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