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thats amazing for figuring that out, would love to see a video, well done
Few steps how I put everything together.
1: The statue, it was from Corellia but no idea what the mini-revan was for.
2: Used TORHead to search for Crystal as a possible key for the blue crystal I found earlier.
So I then searched for Museum, and found this
Quote: Originally Posted by Republic Foundation Museum
One of the largest archival resources on Corellia is the Republic Foundation Museum, a monument to the multi-millennial history of the Empire's greatest enemy. Priceless antiquities and invaluable records rest within the museum's vault-like walls, protected by high-security energy shields--now augmented to withstand Imperial bombardments. Morale is high among the rebel forces clustered inside, despite a life under siege; many of the soldiers and Jedi find the surroundings inspirational.

Once the Empire has crushed all resistance on Corellia, its first order of business will be to storm the Republic Foundation Museum and remove all of its wonders. Moff Tarandon has proposed that the museum be converted to a celebration of Imperial culture, while Diplomatic Service officials hope the museum can be used to teach Republic history from a more honest perspective. Other proposals include setting fire to the museum's contents in a public square and broadcasting the destruction across the Empire.
I now had a lead it might have been in Axial Park; also means everything in the Ziost Shadow Museum was ransacked from Corusant and it was if you look at both of the skulls and near the crystals.