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12.31.2011 , 01:26 PM | #6
Considering im level 50 and have only managed to get into group for 2 noraml lvl50 fp's i would say that a Dungeon finder for PUG is better than nothing. Why do people say no to Dungeon finders? i bet if you used play wow you would look back and realise that progress for gear was a lot quicker (ok a few douchbags here and there) but at least you had the opportunity to be able to actually run the dungeon in the first place. which is not happening right now and im sitting like a mug in general.

and if you dont like pugs then sit like a mug in general till you eventually find someone who could be just as big a tool. All a dfinder does is improve your chances to actually get a go at a dungeon.

the best thing about wows dungeon finder was the loot threshold. so when you were doing heroics you know you werent getting complete green set tanks etc. Which had some credibility just based on what loot they wore (ie they understood what they needed to do to get in)

I did heroic esseles the other day the first time we wiped on first boss a few times. The 2nd time we ran it, we completed it. Now was that the first groups gear/lack of understanding of tactics? maybe but the second group and myself were all in lvl 120min gear and did enough dps to beat the enrage timers. you cant do that in a pug not knowing what loot ppl have got etc and tbh you cant afford to be picky considering the rarity.

don't see the problem tbh other than a few ppl having tainted experiences with it.