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12.31.2011 , 01:12 PM | #1
I've reached a dead end here. I've barely made it into the compound but once in side Attis station, I get killed almost instantly. Level 37 Sage with Qyzen as my tank. We can't even get past the first mob in that place. Their powers and hp levels are insane, killing us way faster than I can heal.

Makes me wonder if BioWare over did it & needs to lower the amount of elites within the mobs. Maybe there's another way to defeat them without a head-on battle? I'm I supposed to get a group together first? Totally clueless over it.

Does anyone have some good advice on how I can get through Attis Station alive without getting killed over & over again, or If you're a Sage and already made it past, how did you do it, otherwise I'm gonna run out of creds, constantly repairing my armor.