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Hello everyone!

Today we put up a new PTS phase. In this players can experience the Feast of Prosperity event, Conquest changes, and more.

Feast of Prosperity

The Feast of Prosperity event features new Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and mini-game activities that you'll be able to participate in on PTS. You'll also have access to an introductory Mission, where you’ll meet Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimous, the founders of the Feast, and learn a little more about them and their ambitions. When the event reaches the live servers, a new Story Mission will unlock every week, but on PTS, you'll just get a peek at the introductory story mission. The rewards are not currently set up for the event, so don't be alarmed if you don't see any. We encourage you to check out the dailies, weeklies, and mini-games and provide your feedback in the thread below.

Feast of Prosperity Feedback Thread

Conquest Changes

After reviewing the Conquest values from Game Update 6.1.2, the team saw an opportunity to improve the overall experience for players. While there was a large increase in the number of Objectives a player could complete, there was an overlying point discrepancy, and the difficulty versus points ratio was off balance. This the easiest Objectives more appealing while turning players away from harder content. The goal with this round of changes is to make Conquest points reflect the time invested in completing Objectives.

Conquest Feedback Thread

In addition to these feedback threads, here are a few other changes available for testing on the PTS.

Augment Feedback Thread
Anti-Toxicity Feedback Thread
Guard Change Feedback Thread
Known Issues

Let us know your thoughts!

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