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Now, this is not a whine thread, nor am I complaining. However it is quite frustrating to work myself ragged healing a group to death in instances only to get nothing from it.

I've lost count of the number of flashpoints I've healed where the only items I got were the ones everyone else passed on because not even their companions could equip them XD . Either that or it's something that nobody else in the party can use and I can't sell because it's bind on pickup (or use the mods if it's orange because it will inevitably have all the wrong stats).

Now, I don't want "free epics" or easy loot. I played FFXI from release and believe me that game made you work HARD for your loot and it was entirely possible to go months in Dynamis without anything remotely useful for your class dropping (Funnily enough the entire playerbase nearly threw a parade in Sqaure-Enix's honour when they drastically improved the drop rates for Relic gear and Ancient Currency).

But they made healing in this game a challenge (well at least compared to WoW and every MMO that folowed it). I just find it frustrating that I'm hardly being rewarded at all for my effort while Leeroy over there spent the entire Flashpoint charging off from pack to pack, without letting me take the couple of seconds it takes to Meditate and top off my force to 100% yet he gets something from every boss (Seriously it takes like 5 seconds to go from 0 to 600 force so there is literally no downside at all to letting a Consular/Inquisitor Rest between pulls to top off their force).

Is anyone else running into a similar problem. Like I said, I'm not whining or complaining. I'm not expecting handouts either. I'm just expressing my frustration that working hard can often gain no reward in Flashpoints.
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