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Again, hes solo-able, easily.

Line of sight him.
Example of line of site (X) = You. (E) = Emperor. (P) Pillar.
(X) - (P) - (E).
(u has graf nao).

Use the pillars up by his throne, use the side of the stairs where you drop down off of them. If he can not directly see you, he cannot hit you with his spells. When he reaches you, and tries to cast, hit him a bit, interrupt his LONG cast, and hit him some more, then run and LINE OF SIGHT him again. He will try to cast, and try to follow, and then try to cast again.

Keep line of sighting him, hitting him when hes close.

He has a ground targeted AE ability that you will see appear beneath you when you are behind the pillars. I'm not 100% sure it will go off when your behind em, but I still MOVE TO ANOTHER pillar while he casts that (hitting him along the way, its a long cast, and if it goes off it will ONLY do damage in the area he is casting it on, not on you so you dont want to interrupt it, you get free dmg with no risk).

When he spawns his clones: as SOON as he warps to spawn them (you SHOULD be fighting him up by his chair) run behind a pillar. All his adds will spawn, try to target you and cast, cant see you, and then run to you.

As they come up, hit them once or twice, and they poof. STAY BEHIND THE PILLARS.

Repeat this ad nauseum, and he will die.

Super Pro Tip: If you mess up, and take a big hit, you can just constantly hide behind pillars and running to a new pillar when he gets close, doing no damage and taking no risks, until your med packs come off cool down.

This is his super big secretz gimmick. He casts spells. You line of sight them. His melee is pathetically weak.
I tried to tank and spank him alot with no success, usind the pillars was a good idea, also droping down the stars and hiding behind that torch then force jumping a clone to get up again. his melee is indeed really week. you help me alot with this post thank you.
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