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I'm probably going to write a nice letter to the customer service department in about 2-3 weeks. I figure it's the holiday season and their development teams have probably been working around the clock to get this game released in time for their launch date with as few bugs as possible.

The only issue is there are so many bugs in this game that I don't know whether I can justify a subscription to this game. The Original Poster listed quite a few end game bugs that will probably give people a few things to rage about once they get to that point. As for myself, I'm finding myself disconnected from my guild and parties due to the guild/party chat bug.

I spent over 2 hours trying to figure out how to deal with Flashpoint Herpes, which is the party not being able to enter an instance due to an error message saying it has to be reset, but the party leader can't reset it. One solution is here: Solution. Not only that, but the inconsistency of loot dropping off of Hard Mode bosses (even when your party does not wipe) with the frequency of types of loot just makes me understand the League of Legend ragers.

I'm trying to do my part by reporting bugs as I find them (lately, I've been sending in at least one report a day).

I'm not going to say I don't enjoy this game, because I do. I enjoy this for the story, but it's kind of a two shot deal in terms of the over-arching story line in that I'll take Light on one character and then Dark Side choices on another. Outside of that there's 6 other base class storylines to follow, but the big time sink of this being an enjoyable multi-player experience is just not there for me. I paid a single player RPG price for the game and I'm getting that experience, but the deal breaker for me is if the party/guild chat bug isn't fixed by the time subscriptions kick in, I'm going to have peace out.

TL;DR - Fix your chat bugs. Fix your end game content. Without these fixes, you've merely given us Knights of the Old Republic 3 with the ensuing 7 DLC storylines packaged into one.