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As you continue to pay $15 a month and probably spent over $100 on the game.

Also, thanks guys for pointing me to the wikipedia article of the Tomb of Naga Sadow! Because that's what I was arguing really.. Oh wait, I wasn't. The tomb was long established in the KOTOR games. It's the actual character. Btw, go ahead and explain this retcon when in their holovideos, the jedi master recording them also said Sadow died on Yavin IV. Ooops, lets chalk that up to "no one cares". I enjoy the captain save a hoe logic.
I'm still lost. So a thousand years later they assume it's Sadow in there. If the tomb was built for Sadow and Sadow didn't actually get buried there and a sith lord corpse turns up in sadow's tomb wouldn't they logically believe it was Sadow not having knowledge that he died on Yavin?