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I'm only ever going to have 1 relic equipped on my character at any given time. Every relic has either a light side or dark side requirements aside from the ones that come from the datacron matrix assembler. 14 pages of relics on my server, and all of them have an alignment requirement.

This is my story; its the trademark advertisement slogan for SWTOR, yet it certainly seems like instead its the story Bioware is forcing me to play. There are only 2 right ways to play; a righteous light side hero, or a devious dark side murderer. Any other combination and you will be punished by being unable to access rewards, specifically the lack of an entire equipment slot. If you take the time to hunt down datacrons it will be only be one slot, but these datacrons are very tedious to reach and not every player will even know of them. For these people who decide to play the way they want to they will be down 2 equipment slots, because they didn't play the way they were forced to.

Its not even enough to have to add a neutral set of items, because that still forces the player to play one of 3 correct ways; dark, neutral or light. The entire concept of gear with any alignment requirement is counterproductive to the "play your own story" philosophy that SWTOR is based on and is being advertised as.

The entire concept of choice here is an illusion. Right now there is no choice, its either all dark or all light. The penalty for choosing otherwise is an entire equipment slot.
Agree 100%. They need to remove the alignment requirements from all gear. It was stupid thing to do.