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Not crafter here, but I can tell this system is a disaster just by looking at the gtn prices for new mk-11 stuff.

20 mil for one new augment ? Don't know about you, but that just isn't normal...
Yes, the complicated and materials-heavy 6.0 crafting is pretty much demanding high prices, just to avoid making a loss vs. simply selling the materials. This thread shows the materials requirements for purple augments. Let's work out how much one could currently sell those materials for on my server, Darth Malgus. (Prices naturally vary over time, so this is just a snapshot using the prices at the time of writing this post.)

  • 10 processed isotope stabilizer @ 12k = 120k
  • 5 solid resource matrix @ 2.5m = 12.5m
  • 5 legendary ember @ 700k = 3.5m

That's the simple (albeit still expensive) part. The unassuming-looking further requirements of bonded attachments and bonded cloth break down to the following costs:

  • 576 Standard Veda Cloth @ 300 (crew skill vendor price) = 172,800
  • 192 Premium Veda Cloth @ 350 (crew skill vendor price) = 67,200
  • 96 Prototype Veda Cloth @ 400 (crew skill vendor price) = 38,400
  • 450 Premium Lustrous Bondar Crystal @ 18k = 8.1m
  • 450 Premium Lustrous Artifact Fragment @ 4k = 1.8m
  • 150 Prototype Lustrous Artifact Fragment @ 800 = 120k
  • 150 Prototype Lustrous Bondar Crystal @ 300 = 45k
  • 75 Artifact Lustrous Bondar Crystal @ 1k = 75k
  • 75 Artifact Lustrous Artifact Fragment @ 1k = 75k
  • 270 Premium Woven Syntex @ 20k = 5.4m
  • 270 Premium Data Spike @ 11k = 2.97m
  • 90 Prototype Data Spike @ 1.5k = 135k
  • 90 Prototype Woven Syntex @ 10k = 900k
  • 45 Artifact Data Spike @ 5k = 225k
  • 45 Artifact Woven Syntex @ 12k = 540k

Someone might want to double-check, but adding this all up I come to the total of 37,863,400 credits... so there's a sale price just on the mats here of much more than 20m. Assuming you were talking about purple augments in your initial post, then, someone on my server listing that item at 20m would be making a loss compared to the price they could get just selling the materials. (And, by the way, sale price on my server was 17m at this time, so materials sold for 217% more.)

Now, this is assuming no crits during crafting (both on the component level and the augment level), but since different people will have different crit rates I don't think it's simple to take crits into account in a one-size-fits-all way. (And crits would not, I think, cover a 217% mark-up, even with crits applying at more than one level on the way to making the item.)

(Re. the surprising price of green-quality power crystals, there's an oversupply of artifacts vs. power crystals... for some reason gathering seems to be giving more fragments than power crystals - maybe because crystals are split between power and colour?)

(Also note: just as I predicted in my testing feedback, the highest-demand materials are greens, the ones we need most which aren't supplied adequately either by gathering or by available missions.)
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