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Okay, I'm going to try not to be too angry. But what in the actual living **** is this garbage?!

For reference, I've done Onderon Dailies, Arenas, Flashpoints and KP SM.

It's nice that we can acquire gear somewhat easily from almost all content types (except PvP but I'll talk about that later). But, the quality of the gear and the gear itself, from all sources, is complete utter garbage.


The key problem is the reliance on getting gear based on item rating.

You have to EQUIP a FULL SET one tier of gear (eg. 270) before you can move up to the next tier of gear (whatever *********** number that is). So in order to be able to get better gear, we are literally forced to equip sub-optimal gear that isn't correct stats in the hopes of getting gear that is a better item rating that if we're lucky might give us better stats or hell maybe even a set bonus. It is tiresome, it is tedious, it is far too reliant on RNG. It is garbage.

This also ties into getting gear/stats relevant to your class. FFS don't put tank stats on gear for Operatives. Operatives should not get gear drops with tank stats on them. Ever. (That was quite disturbing to watch on stream tbh).

Group loot is also problematic. Tailor the loot to the members of the group. Group content should drop gear group members CAN ACTUALLY USE!

For example, my BF (Juggernaut DPS) and I (Mercenary Heals) did some Hammer Station runs. A couple of times we had a Tactical Item drop. Both times, neither of us could use it! It was always for a different advanced class. What a waste!

Another waste was Operations. I got into a KP SM. Each boss dopped a random green piece (unmoddable, no set bonus) of gear everyone rolled on, but the final boss also dropped a random piece of gold set bonus gear (which everyone could roll on too). I didn't get any personal loot at all. Green gear should not be dropping from operations bosses. Period. Operation loot desperately needs to reworked to bring up to appropriate endgame standards. Moddable set bonus gear should drop off each boss at the absolute minimum! We should also get some Tech Fragments off of each boss.

You guys are LITERALLY repeating the same mistakes with gearing from the start of 5.0. I do not want to be stuck playing the same character for MONTHS gearing them just like I was in early 5.0. There is way too much RNG. Too much RNG = being stuck playing the same character for months.

And what is the primary source of gear for PvPers meant to be? The Weekly and Dailies? For real? We're literally reliant on supplementary systems to get gear. That RNG vendor? Kai Zykken on weekends? Renown? How pathetic!

If measures could be taken to reduce the 'RNG' from the gear gotten from those RNG boxes we can buy from the vendor, that would be amazing! In my opinion, gear from those RNG boxes should be guaranteed moddable set bonus gear and the item rating should be higher than our current level. Also, please just get rid of green (and even blue) gear from those boxes, period. This would make the boxes more worthwhile and less overwhelming and stressful.

We already have so many set bonuses to collect for each class, why decrease our chances of getting useable gear by wasting space with green and blue unmoddable, non-set bonus gear. The quality should be more appropriate to the time invested in acquiring the tech fragments to buy the boxes. Currently, it takes a fair bit of time to get enough tech fragments to buy a single box (especially via PvP). So make the loot worth the effort!

If you guys are unwilling to improve the quality of gear obtained from the RNG boxes, then you need to significantly increase the number of tech fragments we get from PvP. And/or, reduce the cost of the boxes themselves (maybe even to Phase 1 prices cough cough). Realistically, a combination of both improving RNG box loot quality, increasing tech fragment acquisition and reducing the cost of the RNG boxes would be ideal!

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me, for now, I'm getting sleepy. Really hope the Devs are open to making some significant changes to this system to reduce the ridiculous overreliance on RNG. Let's make gearing enjoyable (or at least a lot more tolerable)!
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