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I noticed that too, it looks like they've just pasted the Jedi Consular Shadow advanced class description into where the Trooper Commando advanced class description should be.

Easy mistake to make, probably easy to fix too when they get around to it

Here's the relevant page of the manual:

Also: on the following page of the manual:

The text description of Character and Target Portrait is then repeated under the Health and Resource Bars heading.

Just below that on the same page, the description of the XP bar progression seems to describe the Resource Bar and not the XP bar.

And on this page:

The description of Companion AI is the same as the description for Selling Junk.

On this page:

The description of Social Vendors is the same as the decription for PvP Vendors.

This page:

Contains the sentence "When an item is nearly broken, a yellow indicator appears on the near your portrait." - I think there's a word missing.

On this page:

Under Group Options the 'Follow Player' option is described as "Player Sets your player to automatically follow the selected group member." The initial word 'Player' in this description seems superfluous.

On this page:

The phrase "You may take part in any unlocked space battle on the galaxy map. Engaging in space combat missions will reward you with credits, XP, and fleet commendations." is repeated twice at the end.

On this page:

The first paragraph is repeated straight away by a NOTE: containing the first paragraph.