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I keep seeing it referred to as a Daily Area.

Folks, remember that Dantooine is NOT a Daily area. It's an EVENT area. You're playing EVENT missions.

I did the event area on my main (a level 70 Sith Inquisitor) on Empire side. Here are the positives and the issues I came across on my first play through.

Issues & Requests:

Quick Travel Missing There is NO quick travel back to the Imperial base.

Mission: Marauder Maneuvers -
Please mute Colonel Trazen; hearing her say "we have successfully gained access to their comm channels. Splendid work." every time you loot a quest objective from a mob is VERY irritating.

Mission: Explosive Assurances -
The quest objective's clickable points stay in the area after the mission is completed. Here's a screen shot to show which ones I mean:

Decoration/Rep Rewards:
The rep decorations are not terribly exciting (a patch of freshly plowed soil? Whose idea was that)? This rug needs to be added to the decoration rewards please (or has it been/will it be added as a CM decoration)?

Stuck Mobs:
This pair of numpty Nova Blades are stuck to this tree and evade everything. Fix them, so they can be severely punished!

Operation Starvation:
Text missing on selection (screenshot)

The "Weekly: Pirate Incursion" is solo player unfriendly
The weekly for the event is designed for repeat visits to the event area on ONE character. I don't think any of the other even areas have this requirement. Groupers will find it much easier to complete, however it will take solo players like me much longer because of the grouping requirements for the H4s (though see my comments on the H4s below). You've also made 6 heroics a requirement for the weekly so (as well as 12 missions) so some of us will rule out doing Dantooine on more than one character which is a shame as I'd like to have done one empire and one republic character per event. Grouping is not the best of play styles for me and I was hoping to avoid it.

The Heroics
Many of us gave feedback on the re-introduction of H4s with Ossus that we thought it was a bad idea. Not only have you ignored this, you've added two to the new event area. Whilst one of them is a pay-to-win many players will not want to pay full or contribute part to complete it that way (see below).

H4 - Beware of Hugo
Attempted this solo - died three times on the mobs leading up to Hugo but I was able to res inside and continue (albeit the res was longer each time). The patrolling mobs inside were a problem for me as a Sith Inq because the two patrolling mobs if attacked or CCd will pull one of the other groups to attack you. Once you get passed those patrolling mobs and the four large groups, Hugo is relatively easy. I didn't notice any stealth detection so stealthers may be able to run past the groups straight to the boss.

H4 - Reactor Ransome
Pay to win for soloers! If you are in-game loaded you can by an item that "converts credits to pay ransome". It costs 15 million credits which many people won't have. You use the item in the room with R0-B5u before clicking on the door item. On use the boss will run out and accept the ransome - quest done. The item says this can be used when in a group too. I did this because I can throw in-game credits at it. Can't comment on the fighting because I took the easy way out and will do so every time.

H2 - Shiny New Toy
This fight is all about timing and having a decent interrupt cooldown which I don't. The final boss has a shield which is impenetrable; you have to break it using the missiles you can loot from various places around the boss area. YOu can only hold one missile at a time and it's on a 25/30 second cooldown It also takes a couple of second to loot the missile. If you manage to get hit by the boss whilst looting the missile he can hit you for 3/4 of your life - if you don't have good gear with a decent health pool, it is possible for the boss to kill you while you loot the missile. Fortunately I have 256 gear and a 50 influence healing companion so no deaths for me. Once the shield is down you have a few seconds to deal damage before the boss puts his shield back up - classes with good burst damage will do well here. Lightning casters, prepare for frustration. Interrupt shenanigans: even if you interrupt one shield cast, the boss will almost immediately cast another while your interrupt is on cooldown which is VERY frustrating. The fight is long and annoying but definitely doable with just you and your companion. I suggest some changes to the missile cooldown time to make this fight bearable.


Graphics - I got a notification about new graphics being available and allowed the change. The new graphics are great HOWEVER, remember to do your graphics settings in preferences too. I forgot and the place looked terrible until I switched my graphics settings to high/ultra depending on the maximum the settings allowed.

Beneath Suspicion (mouse droid mission
Once I worked out how to avoid this water area (my level of "duh" there was off the scale ), the mouse droid mission is quite good. The bonus to scare npcs is hilarious!

Polly - definitely evil and probably a sith lord plotting to become the next emperor The hidden achievement is quite funny.

Look & Potential for Stronghold: the area looks excellent, sort of a cross between what Corellia's buildings might have been like without the bombs and the green areas of Odessan and Alderaan. If a small to medium size Stronghold (Nar Shadaa sized with and additional green garden space) was added which looked out on something like this, I would buy it.
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