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I have cleared this for a few days straight now on Hard.
Boss 1:
- Probably the hardest (an offhealer your first time might be nice for when it gets iffy)
- Strat is easy interrupt as many spells as possible but prioritize flame sweep.
- He has a ship that can be brought down by turrets, the longer its up the stronger it gets. I recommend killing it instantly.
- When ship gets hit he will go immune you need dps through it and use the missile lock on people to help dps through it (stack on boss so circle spawns on boss).
-He jumps around a lot

Boss 2:
Dps race simple as that. Same as normal pretty much
-Have tank phase him away from raid (he does a cone)
- Places the missile lock on people (just move when it turns red)
- He will turn and snipe a random person. Unavoidable (To the best of my knowledge).
- At ~ 50% two turrets will spawn with an immunity shield, only way to remove is by forcing him to shoot them with the missile lock.
- I would suggest not dpsing canons. The enrage is pretty hard and the canons aren't that bad to avoid.
- This next part I'm a little iffy on. He will go stealth and stun someone then stealth again and basically kill that person. From my understanding you need to get him out. Dots are great but AOE will suffice.
He does this last part twice at most that I have seen.

Boss 3:
-Interrupt Unlimited POWER!!!!
-Honestly this guy is a joke. You need to have two people with knock backs.
-Have tank put him on one wall and rest of group on other so his push doesn't throw you off/across the map.
-He will choose one person to chase and choke others (like normal) that person can kite. If you are a tank/healer you can sit through it (maybe even dps)
-Next part is KEY !!!!
-Near like 5-10% he goes completely immune and starts channeling non stop force lighting. Only way to kill is to do two knockbacks on him (only second one moves him!) off the ledge.
-What I do (tank) at the end is move him near the edge on the bridge between the two pillars. Use that as the "wall" and so when he goes immune just run to his side and push him off.

Final thoughts:
This place is a joke, trash is pretty long and your first clear might take a while when learning (mine was 3 hours). First boss can be difficult and second one requires some gear but I have done it with full group of people at 50 for 2 days (We did buy some BOEs)