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12.13.2011 , 07:00 PM | #1
First i will explain my problem.
Begins to install main asset 1, around a random percentage it fails and i get An error occurred updating
Second i will explain what isnt the problem.
I was able to install it on another computer connected to the same internet this computer is connected to.
I disabled Norton entirely. And windows firewall.
I added launcher, fix launcher, and swtor to firewall exceptions.
I run as admin.

Third i will explain to you the extent of the support i have received.
i called India by accident i guess and they told me to email
I sent my dxdiag and a log file.
Two days later i get an email back from them telling me the most stupid reasons for why it wasn't working(all of which were not causing issue).
The email told me to send them some more info back, i did.
All the info i told them basicly should eliminate things that could be causing problem.
If they knew what could have caused problem, they should have sent every possible solution to the problem instead of slowing finding which one by asking me through email.

Lastly I come to you the forum.
Anyone have a similar problem they have fixed.
DO NOT post stupid useless things like "Me too!" or "insert random troll"

Ill post my log and Dxdiag here if one of you could fix it

Install Star wars the old republic

Launcher log

DXDIAG on next page