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I think they title Ssays it all. Bioware you NEED to drop the atunement requirements for flashpoints. Let me explany what just happened to me.

So ive been questing strait through doing almost no flashpoints, but a friend had recomnded I do foundry. I see a grp froming and pst for an inv. Took about another half hour to find a healer. So off we go to foundry and the door is orange. Takes us a few mon but we fugure that one of us has not done boarding party. So we all get the quest some from the Guy by the door, some from the droid that is part of the storyline. All get back together and try and enter boarding party. The door is purple, and needs to be reset, but it wont reset. It glitches and we are stuck. so the grp splits and we all go our own way.

All said and done I spent an hour trying to do a flashpoint and cant. I am EXTREEMLY Pissed off right now. All because of the idea that all players will go through all the flashpoints in the same order and that grps will from organicly all the time. This is not the case. When its 3am you will strugle to find a grp for any flashpoint let a lone a specific one. I know you want players to play through the story, but frankly I dont care. If I want to play a flashpoint let me, dont FORCE me to go back and do different one.


On a side I told onother experinced MMO player the SWTOR is dong atunements and thier responce was "Oh no". Is that the responce you want to your game?