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12.30.2011 , 06:46 PM | #4
Anyone who comes in here talking about how they make the game easier for other guilds with guides and walkthroughs are full of crap.

The content in this game is designed 100% to be clearable by anyone, so that bioware can take a look at the analytics and progress their content from there.

This content has been super easy, and we managed to rack up quite a few US and World first (not that it matters) kills along the way. It doesn't take a guide, or a good guild to clear this content. All it takes is 8 people smart enough to recognize a few boss mechanics and avoid them.

As far as the hits and stuff go, we went in there at 48 - 49 and cleared a couple bosses in like 45 blues and greens. Sure, it hit harder than being in heroic epics, but that's how guilds like mine like to do things, the hard way.