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Never thought I would find a reason to post on the forums, but this is something I feel passionately about.

first off, a few above are mostly correct, most WROOOOONG

Bane founded the rule of two with two main goals in mind, the preservation of the sith order and the guaranteed increase of power in the master generation after generation. for example in this game, you can even see in the story, students weaker in the dark side would band together to overthrow the more powerful sith in their own self interest, subsequently weakening the order. since deception and betrayal are key elements in sith tactics this is bound to happen with many sith. Therefor there can only be two, "one to embody the power, and one to crave it" to ensure that when the master is overthrown by his or her apprentice IE darth Zannah. the new master is more powerful than the last. It then falls on the master to ensure that the apprentice understands the importance of this aspect of the rule. failure to do so would result in a flaw in the rule. Therefor as common in sith teachings failure is not an option!!! (which isnt asking a lot if you are the TRUE MFing Dark lord)

As for multiple apprentices, this is also explained in the Bane novels. Bane and Zannah both found new apprentices but knew that they must fight alone to decide who would be the true Dark lord of the sith to take on the new apprentice. and spoiler spoiler, even their new apprentice Darth Cognus vowed to follow whoever won the one on one battle and not assist in any way.

So yeah you can nit pick flaws about sith betraying the rule, but it is meant as much more of a complex system to the order than just simply one master one apprentice. It requires the master to be ultra aware of his apprentice and responsible for ensuring that they will be a suitable Dark lord someday. If they should suspect their apprentice of straying from the rule, They should probably kill that SOB. find a new apprentice that wont suck it up like a newb.

AAAAANyway, if you made it through that nerd wall, you can see I pretty much think the rule of two is the way to go, but that wouldnt be a fun mmo so ill be running along side all you other neckbearded nerds for the sake of epicsauce jedi slaying :]