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The Emperor is an in-story mystery.
He has a Dark Council that is essentially a mirror of the Jedi Council.
Then there's the Sith heirarcy. (Lords, Darths, Apprentices etc.)
Finally there's the Chain of Command for the Imperial Fleet.

(Grand?)Moff Kilran is pretty much the face there.

Oh yeah, and Inquisitors/Imperial Intelligence being all nebulous in the command structure there too.

Republic Side, there's the Council being ineffective, the Military following usual Chain of Command (aside from Otor who is a pretty special dude) and the Jedi Order, with Grand Master Satele Shan heading up there, though she actually attends Jedi Council rather than do everything by proxy/mystery unlike the Emperor.

And there's only SIS being the usual mystery Intelligence service there.

The key difference is that the Imperial power structure is centralized around the Sith/Force users themselves, while Republic is the usual tri-branch of seperate but theoretically equal parts.