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02.16.2018 , 12:45 AM

No offense Keith but what should we believe at this point. Seems like the only thing you guys have been consistent at is not delivering.

Road maps set for every 90 days. Then it's well we do roadmaps quarterly so it can fall at any point in a quarter. Which if I'm not mistaken if the last road map was issued on the first month of the quarter then you have 5 months before you feel obligated to give us another roadmap.

You tell us last year that we will receive one operation of 5 bosses with three difficulty settings. You delivered 3 bosses this year with only 2 difficulty settings and then wait till the 4th boss is out to break the news to the little NiM community left that they don't get theirs.

Do you feel any responsibility for that @Kieth. The fact that people spent their hard earned money all year long on something you promised but didn't deliver.

You make statements like you prefer to give roll out smaller content drops because that avoids long wait times. But in reality we just have long wait times with little content to show for it.

@Keith @Eric you still can't lock down a date for when season 9 ends? BIOWARE has been doing swtor for 6 years now and you guys still can't tell us when a season starts. When it will end. Or what type of rewards will be given untill near the very end if not till after the season is ended. How is this acceptable? How do you guys sit in meetings and decide this way is a good way to do gaming?

@BIOWARE more effort is needed on your part to provide what you promise. My 15 bucks is legit every month. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for miss leading your community once again.