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Quote: Originally Posted by mogishu View Post
If your a tank using a healer companion your leveling far far slower then a tank using a DPS companion just saying....

Your opinion on what companions to use it is just that, your opinion. Don't go spouting it out as if its the bible of how to play or putting other players down because they are not doing what you do.
You're right, it is my opinion and I shouldn't have acted like it was fact. One thing is clear to me though from my time playing as a tank is that having my healer companion with me means less time having to do my ooc heal and I have a better chance of surviving a boss encounter. So to me it means more active playtime and less repairs. I guess I was frustrated because he was acting like Vette is SO important to a jugg, and he should be able to need roll all he wants to because in his opinion other AC's don't need their companions as much. Which is blatently false, there isn't one AC out there that is so OP that they don't need a companion with them to do SP quests.