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Species/Race: Human

Name: Isha'rell

Middle Name: -

Last Name: -

Nickname: Ish, Isha, Rell

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 28 BTC

Place of Birth: Coruscant

Age: 30

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Hair Color/Style: Black, ruffled, loose most of the time.

Facial Appearance: A slender nose, with a round face. Her left cheek bears a scar from an explosion and there is a cybernetic implant in her left brow to keep the bone structure together.

Eye Color: Dark green

Body Appearance: Slender, athletic.

Home Planet: -

Current Residence: Aboard the Pride

Allegiance: Republic / Jedi Order, but mostly neutral.

Profession: Jedi Guardian

Armor/Clothes: Regular, sand brown clothing, covered in durasteel plating on the chest, back and limbs with a jedi's robe and a hood hiding her features.

Primary Weapon(s): A blue lightsaber.

Secondary Weapon(s): Force powers honed to shield herself, throw her enemies off balance, disarm and/or to incapacitate them.

Miscellaneous Item(s): A very well designed lightsaber hanging from her belt that she never seems to use.

Biography: Dear god.. I'm just going to deny this. Ask her IC if you are interested.
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