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but, athiss is also a lvl20 instance, so you want people around lvl20 - where are these people? taris. so just type /who, put "taris" in the search terms and voila: you see who's in taris and who's flagged. and even people who are not flagged are probably ok with doing an instance, but don't want to sit around on the fleet. so hop in your space ship, go to taris, ask in chat - if it's not 5 am in the morning you'll probably get enough answers to fill 2 groups. then you take the shuttle back which brings right to the instance and there you go.

does it require a bit more incentive to get a group? definitely. but that's a minor issue compared to the advantages (and even that issue can be improved by a more powerful lfg-tool - the way it works in other games).
I've been sitting around doing exactly what you just described, trying to either get some of my remaining Hoth heroic missions done or get a group for Colicoid War Games. There are current 5 people, including me, on Hoth and a whole 3 people on Belsavis. I've whispered them all, spammed my share of General on fleet AND the planets in question, and after two hours I have not progressed one bit.

This is NOT a user-friendly system. In fact, it isn't a system at all. Basically it is just a way to list people in different zones of the game. That's it. The notion that it is fine and dandy to make people keep endless lists of people, make dozens of whispers and waste hours of time to just do one flashpoint is simply beyond me. It is absolutely ridiculous and there is no justification for it.

What is even more ludicrous is that people insist that it "supports and builds the in-game community."

What a load of crap. We had the exact same thing in WoW for years and it didn't build a darn thing. All it did was force people to essentially maintain pages and pages of "friends" that they mostly didn't even know, spam their whispers and run around in cities, inspecting and begging people to go run instances with them. I remember it really well, you honestly couldn't sit still more than 5 minutes without someone whispering and asking you to an instance.

Most people I knew admitted they had no idea who the people on their lists actually were. If they ran a dungeon with someone, they just added them. Other than that, it was simply a cycle of nameless nobodies that they whispered through every time they wanted to run a dungeon or put together a raid, and even with endless people on your lists it could take hours to get a group together. Not to mention the fun when people got bored of waiting and left, or the further fun when people excused themselves during the dungeon itself and you had to go back to the cities to spam some more channels.

It isn't a realistic system and it builds absolutely nothing, other than blood pressure and crankiness.