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Maybe let's just focus on what this thread is asking, hmm? If lightsabers were real and practical, what form/fighting style would you utilize?

I've always been a big fan of Form IV: Ataru. It's acrobatic and flowing while offering extreme offensive output. I've always liked that idea of a Jedi moving quickly and swiftly, unable to be followed. However, duel-wielding has always been a pleasure of mine, and so Jar'Kai comes in as a close second.

Jar'Kai is technically a subset of Niman, but the Jar'Kai tactic was also seen in Ataru and Ataru training regimens.

So my personal take would be Jar'Kai with an Ataru/Niman mix, though Ataru being favored. I might also add in a bit of Makashi bladework.
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