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12.30.2011 , 12:10 PM | #20
Here's a newsflash: not everyone come from the same MMOs, and looting "ethics" differ widely from one MMO to another. People who started MMO-ing on EQ, WoW, and WoW-clones probably outnumbers the rest, and they are amazingly vocal, so they make it seem like their way is the only way, but its not, and even some pretty recent and popular MMOs have had different "standard ethic", so you can't expect everyone to think like you.

Here's the trick! And it works wonder!

When you make a group, or join one, state clearly what you think the "rules" should be and see if everyone agrees (usually everyone will agree to whatever the first person who states the rules say, no matter what it is)

TADAH! Problem solved.

Geez that was hard! Instead of assuming your way is the only way and that everyone else is a moron for not thinking WoW or EQ were the holy grails of MMO communities.