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12.30.2011 , 11:58 AM | #19
How bout people rolling on moddable items they can wear, even though all the mods, and they style of the item is for my class, not theirs? *** does a jedi want smuggler pants??

Like all those mods are cheap or something. I had a damn jedi, who sucked btw, roll need on smuggler pants in FP and won. When i asked ***? He said, oh its cool man, im going to take all the mods out, and buy new ones. WHAT?? I guess he didnt realize its the DAMN MODS that make the item valuable. Not the item. It was a huge upgrade for me. And if you keep your crafting up at all, its not like you have any damn money to go buy top tier mods anyway(unless you sliced prenerf, not sure how it is now)

Anyway, group looting can be a nightmare in this game is you dont have good people with you. Hell I pass on things that are only small upgrades if the other person getting will get a large upgrade. I never roll need for companion gear, cause like you said, everyone has companions. Thats what greed is for. Even if everyone rolls greed, i still greed. If I get it, great, if not, so what. There is gear all over the place for my companion. I'm the one who needs the good stuff, hes fine with hand me downs.

And this reason is why I think we should get loot rewards for the FP quests. I have the worst drop luck sometimes in these things and get nothing but a commendation out of them often. Why we get awesome items for heroics, but nothing from a FP is beyond me. Maybe the later FP quests give something, i sure hope so.