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You know what? I like getting gear for my companion through flashpoints. But I'm going to make sure no one else needs it, and am going to ask. And I won't sell it unless I made a mistake. I'm going to gear through flashpoints when possible, but not be a dick about it.
I don't mind, but you do realize that is credits others who win the roll could use. Some of those items are re-sellable for descent credits on the GTN. So while we don't "need" the item I do "NEED" the credits and therefore you are asking us to forgo that money so you don't have to pay or take up easy crafting skills to update your companion.

So you are asking for us to subsidize your companion.

I understand why even when asking people are not thrilled about it. Cybertech and buy a set of armor for the companion. You are way better off anyways. That way you can be max stat blue for your level any point in time if you bother to take the few minutes to craft.
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