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Last night, our guild decided to do an impromptu run of Eternity Vault on 8 man. We completed 4 of the bosses even after all the unfavorable bugs and then gave up on Soa after the bugs did not allow us to kill him at all.

We submitted bugs for each one, but I wanted to share this with the community in case they run into the same issues before it is fixed and what our eventual workaround was.

Annihilator - The encounter would bug out whenever the neutral mobs adjacent to each turret would not spawn. Because they did not spawn initially, the Annihilator would not spawn. The power cells eventually spawned on their own but when killed it still did not make the bos come out. We had to leave the instance, reset it and then come back to get it.

Gharj - The boss bugged out quite frequently. The most significant was the platforms he would raise between phases were actually too far away for us to run and the path either did not exist or was opposite to what we needed to use. This made the boss very difficulty since we had to eat several of his Pounce attacks in rapid succession. In the end we ended up wiping because the Enrage timer seems to have been cut in half at this point.

The second bug we discovered was that the boss would sit around in the previous area for extended periods of time. Not sure what the trigger would be, but it seems unnecessary that he's there for at least another 20 seconds or so.

Ancient Pylons - This was pretty straightforward. It was an entertaining encounter to do those puzzle. It didn't take us long to figure it out and took it down easily on the first attempt. We did notice that it would be nice to have some better explanation or codex entries for these guys when you entered the area. I assume a new Codex entry is fairly straightforward and easy to implement. We don't need boss strats, that kinda ruins it at times but a codex entry with historical information about the different bosses with "hints" on what you can expect would be nice.

Infernal Council - This one bugged out about four (4) times for us. We picked our partners and started going at it. We made sure that there were no buffs, or guards, or any large AoEs going off, just to be safe. When we started, one of our members immediately got the debuff saying he couldn't do any damage but had not done anything to assist another player in any way. This continued to bug until we forced ourselves to wipe and re-enter the instance.

Soa, The Infernal One - This one was frustrating, I have to admin. We were a few moments away from a full clear on our first attempt and the boss continued to bug out on us. We knew what his enrage timer was, we calculated it on our first two attempts. By the third and fourth attempts, we had a perfect run to the bottom, everyone was alive and fully healed and ready to go. We take the boss down down a few percentage points and when he goes invulnerable again, he stays that way... we survive the enrage, he's still invulnerable. Finally, he despawns. We attempt this again, at least another four (4) times and the same thing continues to happen, some a bit worse that he would start out as invulnerable at 31% and would stay that way indefinitely.

I hope that others that are attempting this are met with more favorable outcomes. We came very close to doing a full clear and admittedly, it was a bit depressing that a bug kept us from proceeding.

I'll state this now for the record, we're not freaking out, we're not threatening to leave, we actually love the game. We just wanted to share our experiences and hope that others can save time from what we've shared and that the development team can get some of the data they're looking for.

We wish you guys the best with Eternity Vault and may your loots be epic and plentiful.