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Yes he did, and that is appreciated.

However, if you were unable to participate in the Stream you seem to have missed any chance of getting questions answered.

The First and Primary avenue of communications between Bioware and the Players should (indeed MUST) be these Forums.

Unfortunately that has never once been the case in the entire history of the game.

All The Best

And it shouldn't be PM's either.

If they are going to have more communication it should be on the forums where everyone can read what is said and all questions are answered. As it stands it seems questions are cherry picked so as to only provide meaningless answers, I am sure if someone to asking Keith what his favorite colour was that would get a response because it looks like communication but doesn't tell anyone anything interesting.

And sure I get it, be political, answer the questions you wished people had asked and not the difficult ones, but then you are just ignoring the issues and doing nothing to fix the problem. But at least everyone will know your favorite colour is blue while you wonder why you went from having to open more servers at launch to now being down to five.