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Just wanted to correct something. I went to EH recently and talked to some RP'ers. It might very well be that the conversation I heard from before then was done in say.

Fundamentally though I wonder if that changes anything. Non-RP'ers will still overhear such comments and the potential for trolling is still there, and could be averted easily by either leaving EH alone or having a separate RP instance.
I honestly think there is little that a RP instance will do. Dedicated trolls (who you seem to be worrying about) will simply switch to that instance to troll RP'ers further, and genchat is shared between all instances of a planet, IIRC. It won't really be any different than the current situation. As I said before, you will still be relying on convention (and the laziness of trolls) for protection. As of right now, on Ebon Hawk, there is nothing preventing someone from switching from Harby and trolling. It'll be no different on the new server, which is why I don't think this argument has any merit whatsoever.

Ignoring will only go so far, and it's already available. Ignoring an account or legacy might work. Squelching would turn into an absolute disaster as soon as the trolls figured out they could just as easily use it to squelch RP'ers. It's been tried before, and didn't work.

There is little BioWare can do to protect RP'ing to the extent that the RP'ers on this forum seem to expect - apart from hiring full-time mods or creating player moderators, which is rather unreasonable to expect. Ranked PvP'ers can't really do anything about trolls throwing matches. I wouldn't expect RP'ers to get a solution to trolling that is (arguably) less materially harmful (though I know you will not see it this way).

A great many roleplayers will be transferring to Star Forge from Ebon Hawk - probably enough, in conjunction with the awareness of the matter that has been raised on the forums - to make the community relatively safe for them. There is both safety in numbers and community perception. Which, incidentally, is the system already in place.
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