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10.06.2017 , 02:06 PM | #80
I would love to know just what the upgraded servers are for.

Is it for Athem? Will it be requiring better servers so get them now so that when it takes off it can use them.

Do the devs expect the number of players on each server to skyrocket, if so, where are these players coming from? Most servers are light all the time so adding a handful of players from dead servers to nearly dead servers is unlike to even stress the servers they currently have. Its not like all the servers are full and by combining them they would be 3 times over full and need the extra capacity. It seems unlikely they will even hit the loads of when Kotfe and the DvL events went live and the servers seemed to cope.

Is it to cope with an upgrade of software so that those with high end machines (or basically anyone not running on a budge 10 year old PC) can have better graphics, more interesting worlds and where NPC's can do more than stand around but actually live their lives to make it feel like a massive worlds?

Or is it just meaningless words that don't have any relevance to anything, except to give people a rallying cry 'they are investing in hardware, what it means nobody knows but they are investing in it! How much we don't know but they mentioned it so it must be mega bucks'. Even though we don't know if the investment is just to stop stripping the copper wiring to sell to china and replace it.

It seems that if you say 'Most people would prefer solo content based on the dev comment Kotfe was the most successful expansion' its considered you don't know anything. You don't know what criteria that was on and you don't actually know how successful it was. But if you say 'They are investing in new hardware' its okay to assume that this is a massive investment and that means the game is getting lots of new content and its going really well. Even though last year at this time we were getting 9 new chapters, uprisings, 5 new levels etc. This year we are getting 1 op boss, 1 flashpoint and 2 PvP maps and a server merge. Its hard to say things weren't looking better last year than this.