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10.06.2017 , 01:33 PM | #79
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"...I have 9 going on 10 level 300 I don't want to hear any 'thing' about it being too hard..."

He almost said it. LOL. I saw the pause when he looked at the camera, I am almost imagining someone off camera cringing as Keith almost said "...I don't wan't to hear any S*** about it being hard..."
Devs never get bonuses to things that help them level up.....ahem.

But really, we know getting to 300 takes WAY WAY WAY too long, but its meaningless because all that matters is how long it takes to get full BiS. If he had said he had 10 full BiS characters that would be something considering that would take 50 guys 100 billion years to do.....;-)

All 300 means, is all that hard work gets you is, the chance to finally START gearing up.