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I hope you feel better soon SourOrange!
Thank you, I appreciate that

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How many characters will I have after the merge?

The short answer : Too many.

But a lot of them are low-level alts that I never got around to developing, so I'll be deleting them, anyway.

Well, a discount on character slots would be better than nothing, but I honestly don't think it's quite fair to expect players to pay Bioware any significant amount of Cartel Coins (possibly purchased with real money) to deal with a situation that Bioware is creating.

I would much rather that the developers simply increase the number of character slots that players can have per server. Fortunately, it looks like they are :

Eric Musco said that they would try to increase the character slots allowed per server, to "largely alleviate" the issue of a player having to delete a large number of characters in order to create a new one.

What exactly "largely alleviate" actually means, though, is anybody's guess.
Well I'm encouraged that they've at least been thinking about it- even if it doesn't turn out to be much, something is better than nothing. But we'll just have to wait and see, I suppose.